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The Guild of Traditional Upholsterers

In 1987 a group of professional and student upholsterers from the Rural Development Commissions upholstery course in Salisbury were inspired to form a guild which would represent the traditional aspect of the craft of upholstery. The core tenet of the Guild is the promotion of traditional techniques to a wider audience, to encourage younger members as they progress in the craft and to form a community of like-minded craftspeople. Guild membership provides each member with support and help whenever needed. Conserving, restoring or simply refurbishing 17th to 20th century upholstery is all part of the work of the traditional upholsterer. Since its beginning the aim of the GTU continues to present a reliable high quality service which combines the best techniques with the use of the highest quality materials for upholstered seating and related furnishings. During its first 33 years the Guild has grown and now has members spread across the country and further afield in France and the USA.


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